Carla King

Carla King
Author Name: Carla King
Most Recent Book Title: Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, 3rd Edition
Book Description: Did you ever consider self-publishing your own book but were daunted by the complex process of actually doing it? Self-published author and expert Carla King gives a simple step-by-step guide to self-publishing your book as an e-book or print book. Plot your success by choosing the reputable tools and services recommended here, along with techniques that will help your book succeed in the market that you choose. – See more at:
Additional Book Titles: The Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, 2nd Edition
The Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors
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Author bio: Carla King has two writing careers – one as an adventure travel writer and another as a self-publishing expert. She used to be a tech writer, which was why she wasn’t afraid to self-publish her first book in 1994, titled Cycling the French Riviera. In 1995, O’Reilly and Associates invited her to pioneer the art of the realtime, online travelogue on something called “the internet” with her American Borders motorcycle diaries, which is now a book. She followed that with realtime dispatches (now called blogs) from China, India, Europe, and Africa.

In the meantime, she kept self-publishing, and soon her writing friends started asking her how. She founded Self-Publishing Boot Camp in 2010 which provides books, seminars, and consulting on every aspect of self-publishing. She also pens the self-publishing column for PBS MediaShift, and her Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors is highly acclaimed as the reality check self-publishing authors need.

The book is coming up in its 4th edition for 2018, along with a comprehensive online Self-Publishing Boot Camp course.
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For a typical author, obscurity is a far greater threat than piracy. –Tim O’Reilly