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The Four Goals of Life - A Survival Guide for the Kali Yuga
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The Kali Yuga is known as the age of darkness. To make the most of our time here, we must focus on moving beyond the belief that we are separate from each other and Spirit, and find new ways of uniting and creating balance within ourselves, our communities, and our relationship with God. Here we find words offering us a method of moving out of the age of darkness in order that we might enter fully and consciously into a well balanced, purposeful, hopeful, light-filled, awakening to our Divine Nature.
The Saints and Sages of the Vedas recommended that we lead a balanced life with an ultimate goal. One way in which Sanatana Dharma suggests we accomplish this is through the achievement of the purusharthas – the four goals of life. Dharma is what you do, Artha is what you have, Kama is what you want, and Moksha is Self-knowledge.
Life offers us many opportunities to explore and express our purpose, wealth, relationships, and understanding of the world. This book is a guide for how to lean forward into all that lies ahead for you.
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Santa Rosa, CA, USA
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Cynkay Morningsong lives in Northern California and works as a Freelance Copywriter and Personal Coach. Specializing in Yoga and Alternative Health writing, she teaches people to create the business and personal life that they are meant to have. Morningsong has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for almost 40 years and alternative health for over 15 years. Her writing and her work with clients reflect her broad range of understanding and knowledge of these topics.

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