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Writer's Coach, Memoir Publishing
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In process - Realizing Happiness: A Self-Help Memoir, Find your Personal Brand Within
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This book is about you, the reader, bringing your brand of happiness into reality. As you read and follow along with my reflections and answer the self-check questions after each entry, I believe you will realize that you carry the answers to your happiness within you.

My brand of happiness has evolved through my belief in God as a Christian. So, that has a bearing on how I have communicated my realizations here in this memoir. Your reflections and responses to the self-check questions will reflect your value system and beliefs as your personal brand of happiness begins to reveal itself to you.

As you take this opportunity to dig deeper into yourself, realize that your brand of self-work, your choices, the habits you practice, and your actions will empower you to navigate your happiness with greater clarity.

Take this journey with me. Gain a better understanding of, and realize your brand of happiness. Start here. Start now.
Additional Book Titles
A Tale of a Different Color, co-authored with Dwight Storm Halvorsen 2012 (no longer in print)
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Chewelah, Washington, USA 99109
Author bio
Frustrated by the fickleness of her human failures, A.L. Canning writes. It is how she has sorted out and found within, her faith, her humanity, and her happiness. As she cherishes her relationship with her husband of 45+ years, and her children, grandchildren, and close friends, her journey has taught her to deeply value all that is good, true, and honorable in life. It has also taught her to challenge within herself any falsehoods and self-deception. The purity of nature calls to her in her love of gardening and the outdoors. She finds adventure in personal challenges, project research, historical memoir, entertainment, and travel with her husband, family, and friends.
Professional Speaker Topics
The Self-Work of Happiness, Happiness as a Choice, Happiness as a Habit, Actioning Happiness, Realizing Happiness
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"I'm happiest when I follow my heart, but my head is never far behind." (attributed to Sissy Spacek)

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