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Working Title: CREATIVE CROSS POLLINATION: A Former Imagineer’s Take on The Innovation Process
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When I was working as a Walt Disney Imagineer, I don’t think I even
realized what Creative Cross Pollination was. It wasn’t until later in
my career when, as a college professor, I began to study some of the
most talented individuals and respected organizations and explore the
creative process and techniques which drove them to the highest levels
of success. Amongst all the different techniques, styles, and
personalities, the concept of what I’ve come to call “creative cross
pollination” began to manifest itself over and over again. I found it to
be a key and fundamental piece of our “innovation tool kit” that every
one of us carries around.

My goal, then, is to raise the reader's awareness of what Creative Cross
Pollination is and how to harness it as a powerful idea-generating
technique. The book begins by defining what Creative Cross Pollination
is and also explores what comprises your “creative DNA.” After that,
I’ve got some great techniques which can be used to generate
transformative, bold new ideas.

The techniques in this book are just the start. Once you become aware of
what Creative Cross Pollination is and master the basic principles,
you’ll find new ways to consciously leverage this skill and apply it to
a wide variety of situations.

The book is written in a very approachable and conversational tone and
designed to appeal not only to the traditional “corporate” market, but
to virtually ANYONE (Doctors, Soldiers, Actors, First Responders,
Architects, Engineers, Artists, Teachers, Moms, etc.) who wants to tap
into their creative strengths and “think line an Imagineer.” If you are
looking for a creative solution or a new perspective or have a problem
to solve; if you have a need or have been asked to facilitate a
brainstorming session, or, if you’re just stuck in a rut and looking for
a way out…Creative Cross Pollination can work for you.
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Orlando, FL
Author bio
A dynamic professional with more than 25 years of progressive accomplishments in marketing, communications, & relationship building within both the corporate and education fields. My experience includes working as an independent consultant and also on staff at large national and global organizations. I have a proven ability to drive innovation and mentor others in this regard. As a former Walt Disney Imagineer and award-winning creative visionary, I have the outstanding ability to blend sound strategic goals while thinking “outside the box.”

Specialties: Strategic planning; Marketing and communications; Creativity & innovation, particularly as it applies to business; Relationship building; STEM Education.
Professional Speaker Topics
Innovation & Creativity in the Workplace

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