Engelina Jaspers
Services Offered
Speaker, Workshop Leader, Marketing and Brand Advisor
Most Recent Book Title
Marketing Flexology: How to Outsmart Change and Future-proof Your Career
Book Description
Through a time-tested, proprietary and proven framework, dozens of business examples, practical tips, and thirty-years of personal experience on the front lines of numerous Fortune global companies, Engelina shares the essential components for modern marketing success.
Location (city/state/country)
Los Gatos, California, USA
Author bio
Engelina Jaspers is a student and teacher of marketing and career agility. Her 30-year experience as a corporate executive leading companywide transformation and building nimble marketing organizations comes through in her book, articles and workshops. Engelina is the author of Marketing Flexology: How to Outsmart Change and Future-proof Your Career. To find out where you fall on the agility continuum, take her free Marketing Agility Assessment.
Professional Speaker Topics
Career Agility
Agility as a key leadership competency
Ways to develop greater organizational agility, professional agility, and learning agility
Nine strategies to attain career agility

Marketing Agility
The four motivations for organizational change
Strategies to not only survive, but thrive from upheaval
Change leadership during a marketing reset

The Future of Marketing
The demise of marketing as “art and science”
The new “insight and agility” paradigm
The essential components for modern marketing success
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Change is inevitable. Preparation is a choice.

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