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Author, Journalist
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Death in the Everglades: Accidents, Foolhardiness, and Mayhem in South Florida
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Hidden in the tall grasses and shallow waters of the Florida Everglades are true tales of mysterious deaths, clandestine crime, and disasters, both natural and manmade. Desperados fled here after escaping from prison, rum runners gunned down their enemies, and killers slipped their prey into canals as food for reptilian wildlife. Commercial airlines crashed and burned in the sawgrass, while smaller planes vanished from view. Hurricanes tore through the region, forcing Lake Okeechobee to overrun its banks and wipe out entire towns. And every once in a while, an alligator made someone its lunch. Collected here are some of the most gripping accounts in Everglades history, caused by natural forces, crime, operator error, or human folly.
Additional Book Titles
Death in Glacier National Park, Death in Zion National Park, Death in Rocky Mountain National Park, Death in Acadia, Death on Mount Washington, Death on Katahdin, Birding New England, Birding Florida, Birding Texas (2024), Best Easy Bird Guides: Acadia National Park and Cape Cod; Hiking Waterfalls in New York, Hiking the Lower Hudson River Valley, Hiking the Catskills, Hiking Through History New York, Best Easy Day Hikes: Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, NY (4 books, 2 editions each), Hiking New York: 5th ed. (2024); Backyard Birding and Butterfly Gardening, Historic Glacier National Park, Historic Rocky Mountain National Park, many others.
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Rochester, NY
Author bio
Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Randi Minetor discovered the backcountry wonders of America's national parks in 1992 with her husband, photographer/lighting designer Nic Minetor. That first trip changed her life, and by 2000, the Minetors had pledged to see all 391 (now 424) national parks in their lifetimes. They found a way to subsidize this passion in 2006, when they began writing and photographing books on the parks for The Globe Pequot Press (now Rowman & Littlefield). Today Randi has written more than 80 books, including seven books in the nonfiction "Death in the National Parks" series, ten hiking guides in New York State, several bird-finding guides, and even reference books on health topics. To date, they have visited 346 national parks. In addition, Nic's photography appears in eight Quick Reference Guides to the Birds, Trees, and Wildflowers of New York City and New York State, and the Trees and Wildflowers of the Mid-Atlantic States.
Professional Speaker Topics
Death in the National Parks: Who, How, and Why
Insider's Guide to America's National Parks
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"Something very weird is happening, and I want it to be happening to me." — Douglas Adams

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