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Keep Elderly People Active
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It can be very stressful to see an elderly parent or friend become less interested in engaging with others or doing the things she previously enjoyed doing. You encourage her to be more active, but with limited success.

Keep Elderly People Active provides adult children with the ammunition needed to help their elderly parents remain active and engaged in life. This book teaches you:
• Reasons older people become less active and why this is a significant problem.
• Strategies for overcoming resistance and then preparing elderly parents or friends to become more active safely.
• Types of activities and exercises that are appropriate for specific levels of functioning and that serve specific purposes.
• Helpful activities for elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.
• Where to find resources for additional information regarding the issues addressed in this book.
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Wilmington, DE US
Author bio
Steven A. Watson has extensive experience in and a passion for helping elderly people live better, safer lives. He owned a non-medical home health agency for 8 years that enabled elderly clients to remain safely in their homes. In addition, he had the honor of helping his own elderly mother navigate through her final years.
Steven is credentialed with a PhD in Public Administration, Master of Counseling, and Graduate Certificate in Geriatric Management. He has published academic and web-based articles on issues relevant to older people, including understanding and overcoming age bias in employment. Check out Steven’s blog at to learn more about how to help elderly parents and friends remain active and healthy.
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