Marja Meijers
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My Neighbor's House
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What does the Tenth Commandment offer to today's society? How can you benefit from its wisdom? The message of Gods last commandment is both bold and obvious: don't be envious of others. But that is not always the easiest thing to do, especially with an American media that bombards us with images of size zero celebrities, lavish mansions, and Louis Vuitton.

In Marja Meijers' fifth book in the Ten Commandments series, you'll learn how to desire meaningful things and apply Gods word to everyday life. Join Marja as she discovers the spiritual principles behind the Tenth Commandment. If you want to deepen your walk in real ways, read and DO this book!
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The Netherlands
Author bio
Marja is the author of several books published in the USA as well as in the Netherlands. She writes her books in both languages. Her monthly columns appear in one of Holland's biggest Christian magazines. Together with her husband she is the founder of Traveling Light, a non-profit organisation that seeks to provide practical, financial and spiritual encouragement to Christian initiatives all over Europe and the Middle East.

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