Elizabeth H. Cottrell
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Technical writing and editing
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HEARTSPOKEN: How to Write Notes that Connect, Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire
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In the hands of author Elizabeth H. Cottrell, the handwritten note is set free from old-fashioned irrelevance to become a superpower tool for connecting with others. Her book will guide you to uncover your own unique note-writing voice and give you the confidence to use it. Consider the flipping of a light switch. You can't see the electricity. You may not even understand how it works. But when the power starts flowing through the open wire, it is nothing short of miraculous. She will show you how to find and flip that switch in your own note writing. Grasp this beautiful process, and your writing will become alive, meaningful, and impactful in ways you never thought possible.
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Elizabeth's circuitous career has taken her from published leprosy researcher to stay-at-home mother, to community activist and trailblazer serving on nonprofit and corporate boards. In 2016, she was elected the first female board chairperson of First Bank/First National Corporation its 100+ year history, and she is still one of the few female board chairs in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Elizabeth is a freelance writer/editor and blogger at Heartspoken.com and author of the award-winning HEARTSPOKEN: How to Write Notes that Connect, Comfort, Encourage, and Inspire published in 2022 by Koehler Books.

Above all, she is a connector and encourager whose writing explores the four essential connections of the Heartspoken Life: with God, with Self, with Others, and with Nature. Her expertise and passion for note writing in her book came at just the right time to touch a pandemic world desperately in search of connection. What better way to connect when we're forced to stay apart physically than to write and send a heartspoken note? Elizabeth is the right person at the right time to help readers find their own heartspoken voice and learn to harness this powerful tool for nurturing their most precious relationships.
Professional Speaker Topics
"Everything old becomes new again': Reviving old-fashioned effective connection strategies for today's world"
"Networking reimagined: old and new strategies for today's professional"
"Technology's great, but don't forget the people skills"
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Today, well-lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." Ancient Sanskrit writings

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