Jason L Schembri
Services Offered
Online course, coaching, workshops, motivational speaking
Most Recent Book Title
Keeping It Off
Book Description
The Simple Tools you need to Maintain a Healthy Weight For Life. A step by step guide to ending the cycle of regaining weight. A framework on how to get back control of your health and your life.
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Location (city/state/country)
World Traveller from Australia
Author bio
Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Jason L Schembri moved to North America and gained weight to over 320 pounds. The weight loss journey revealed that the most frustrating thing was to regain the weight, again and again. Through trial and error and much research Jason found the tools for lasting success and developed a framework that helps achieve lasting health, freedom and success.
Professional Speaker Topics
Weight Management, Achieving personal freedom, How to Just Start, Uncomfortable Conversations, How to fall off the wagon and get back on.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Forgiveness is for your own well-being, not the well-being of the one who caused you harm.

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