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Third Person
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Imagine what would happen if you spent thirty days working to improve a relationship? What kind of connection would that build?

In our busy world, we can gain so much peace, hope, and direction from intentionally spending time with God. More often than not, this translates to investing in our relationship with God the Father and God the Son, but what about God in the third person? The Holy Spirit is a key member of the Trinity because He is the God-inside-us. But on the whole, we hardly spend much time with Him, much less think about Him. He is mysterious, but that doesn’t change the reality that He wants to be known by everyone who wants to know God. He reveals Jesus, the image of the invisible God. More than that, He reveals the Son, who shows us our Father.

God exists in relationship and wants us to enter into relationship with Him, where we discover who we really are. Third Person is a thirty-day journey into a greater understanding of the Holy Spirit’this little-known person of the Trinity. As you gain understanding, you will see your life take on more meaning, color, and direction than you ever thought possible.
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Come To Me: 30 Day Journey to Healing From Hurt
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Amy Vogel is an accomplished author, speaker, podcaster, and ministry consultant. Amy has been creating content, leading groups, growing ministry opportunities, and speaking around the Houston area since 2010. She published her first book, a devotional called Third Person, in 2018 and has three more projects in the works, including her second fiction offering.

She loves learning and sharing what she learns, especially in story form. Her passion is to help people understand inherent worth and goodness, giving them a vision of wholeness that is meant for everyone, everywhere. She loves to help people discover who they were created to be and find ways for all humans to thrive.

Active on social media, she documents her own faith journey and the shenanigans of her family. She has been married to David for over twenty years and their three daughters, Natalie, Sophia, and Ella, are the most interesting people she's ever met.
Professional Speaker Topics
healing & wholeness
accepting yourself
Social & Racial Justice
Recovery from addiction
Finding Hope & Vision
Overcoming Burnout
The vision of Jesus: collaboration not domination

Spiritual Practices
Finding Yourself in God
relationship healing
Working through church hurt
parenting at all ages and stages
parenting with mental health in mind
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The only way forward is through partnership: with God, yourself and others.

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