Gregg Huestis
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Beauty Out of Ashes
Book Description
Beauty Out of Ashes is the true story of how God spared Gregg Huestis' life from a tragic motorcycle accident, as well as restored Gregg & Emily's marriage. They were both struggling with their marriage as well as their personal relationships with the Lord Jesus. What the devil intended for evil, God turned around for His glory. This is the testimony of how God brought beauty out of the ashes of their relationship.
Additional Book Titles
When the Holy Spirit Reveals, Another Side of the Coin, and Speak the Word Only
Location (city/state/country)
Ft. Collins, CO, USA
Author bio
Gregg Huestis surrendered his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 11, and received the call of God to preach/teach the Word of God when he turned 14. One day while he was meditating on the Word of God in 1988 the Lord birthed within his spirit a dream of someday writing his first book. In 1995 the dream of writing and teaching became a reality when God honored him with this ministry. While in Germany, Gregg pastored a German/American non-denominational church for 1-1/2 years. He had the privilege of teaching the Word of God in several churches there as well. Gregg is presently living in Colorado with his wife, Emily.
Professional Speaker Topics
Spiritual Death & the Cross
Visualization Is It Scriptural
Women In the Ministry
Giving & Receiving
The Word of God Our Source
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"The person who has no technical knowledge of Greek and Hebrew but has spiritual discernment is a far more competent critic of the Bible than one who has a rare, technical knowledge of Greek and Hebrew but no spiritual discernment. It is unfortunate that more emphasis is often placed on a knowledge of Greek and Hebrew in training for ministry than is placed on the spiritual life and its consequent spiritual discernment." --R. A. Torrey

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