Coralie Eden

Coralie Eden
Coralie Eden
The Genesis Diary: Eden, The Garden of God
Welcome to the Genesis Diary! In this the first of a series of short studies, award winning author, Coralie Eden (3-in-1 Young Christian Writer of the Year), explores the creation of the world and of man through the book of Genesis. In these first few chapters I found I learnt something new, questioned the validity of a couple of things and was drawn back to my Bible (always a good thing!) and I was reminded how Mighty, Gracious and loving our God is. Something I think even the faithful forget sometimes in the busyness of today’s world. However, what is discovered is that Genesis is much more than just an historical account – it is God’s Diary and embedded within the pages of Genesis there is a promise from the Creator for all the world.

-Vanessa Cooper
Editor & Book Reviewer

The Genesis Diary: Eden, The Garden of God, will challenge you in many ways and is ideal for everyone and in particular Bible discussion groups who wish to explore the creation story further…Enjoy!
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Coralie Eden is 27 years old. Previously unpublished, 2015 will launch her writing career with the much anticipated book, ‘The Genesis Diary. ‘

This book explores the origins of mankind as told through the Genesis book of the Bible and how this has impacted mankind and the believer and is co-written by AK Chenoweth.

From 2009-2010 Coralie managed her own column in the poular E-zine, 3-in-1 The Voice. Saved at the age of 9 years, Coralie is a graduate from the renowned Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB). She is currently studying a BSc Hons Degree.

‘The Genesis Diary is an old tale with a new message, one that reaches the very depth of our being and brings out the creative beauty of the source of life itself’
3-in-1 The Voice
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