Josie Murrell

Josie Murrell
Josie Murrell
Living with Trisomy 18 / Edwards Syndrome
This is the true story of our daughter’s battle with Trisomy 18 / Edwards Syndrome. It is documention of a special wee girl who taught our family what life is about, what is really important and sharing how we coped with the unknown. It is written to share honestly what it was like caring day to day for our daughter and how her high needs impacted on us all. Through this book her life continues to touch others and share what we learnt.
New Zealand
A mum of five children wishing to share our family experience coping with disability.
Disability and empowerment.

‘The grand essentials in this life are:
something to do, something to love and something to hope for’
it was this quote that got me through our difficult times.