Mike Loomis
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Branding Without Buzzwords
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This "B-word" has been so abused. But let's not throw it out with the bathwater.

What is a brand?
Can I help build a brand if I'm not the CEO?
The 2 guidelines for an influential brand
3 practical ways "non-fake" brands are built
A REAL process I've used with individuals to 100 million dollar organizations
The role of brutal honesty and "proud-ness"
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Mountains of Colorado
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I help people launch and grow their dream projects, books, and ideas!

We’re not designed to go it alone.

I ignored that truth for years... personally, and in business.

I've started and sold two businesses, relaunched myself many times, and learned a lot - sometimes the hard way!

But my biggest learn was that I was unfulfilled. When I started helping others launch and grow THEIR dream projects, it all clicked.

Every person, and every organization, needs outside perspective, experience, and gifts that others bring.

Clients tell me that I…

See opportunities, and a clear path to get there
Know the right questions to ask
Am an encourager – to another level
Bring an amazing network of gifted people together - to build the right team
Help them have fun along the way!

I’m a strategic partner to businesses, bestselling authors, global non-profits, churches, publishers, as well as start-ups, and aspiring messengers. I'm a coach and literary agent. I walk with my clients.

Clients like the fact that I’m a one-phone-number confidant, who has had a crazy array of experiences, successes - and even a business flop.
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We're not designed to go it alone!

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