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50 Secrets of Genius Success
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There is a big difference in how successful people think and see the world around them!

The good news is that regardless of your age, personal history, past failures, educational background, social status, or financial income, you can create the life of your dreams if only you learn and apply the secrets of how highly successful people think and act.

Do you want to:
say goodbye to your old life and start a new, bright, and fulfilling one?
break through the mental and emotional barriers holding you back and unleash your full potential?
unchain yourself from old and limiting beliefs?
overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk that have been standing in the way of living the life of your dreams?
gain clarity on what you want to achieve in life and develop a clear roadmap to get there?
develop the ultimate faith in yourself and regain your confidence?
improve the ability to adapt and bounce back from difficult or trying situations?
develop a power of focus and stick to your goals no matter what?
master the daily actions that lead to success and abundance in your life?
achieve the dreams and goals you’ve been putting off for far too long?
step outside your comfort zone and start taking the necessary actions towards a life filled with happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity?
significantly increase your income and experience financial freedom and security?
become a leader that others look up to and want to follow?

Then let Mykola Latansky’s 50 Secrets of Genius Success book help you!

Up to 40% of our success in personal and professional life depends on how our mindset is wired. If we maintain the same mindset, we will likely continue producing the same results repeatedly. To achieve different outcomes, we must change the way we think.

Upgrading your mindset is easy if you know how. By reading the 50 Secrets of Genius Success book and studying the examples of how rich and successful people make decisions, you will improve your mindset in no time!
The 50 Secrets of Genius Success book is a practical guide and one of the best self-help books of all time that will change the way you think and make decisions. You can start living a happy, fulfilled, and prosperous life today.

The book is designed to be easily readable and accessible. It contains 50 concise secrets, accompanied by practical guides and thought-provoking questions. These secrets aim to challenge and improve your mindset, ultimately leading to great success.
The book provides a wealth of practical tools to elevate your mindset to a higher level of success. Reading just a few pages of the book daily will inspire and motivate you to act. You will become more determined and unstoppable as you progress through the book.
You may be pleasantly surprised by your transformation as you read this book. You will realize the strategies and mental obstacles holding you back. It will amaze you how easily you changed your mindset and how effortlessly you can now tackle problems that seemed overwhelming just a few weeks ago.

Through powerful exercises and techniques, the 50 Secrets of Genius Success book will help you to reframe your thinking, develop a positive mindset that supports your success, enhance your self-perception, and guide you towards taking laser-focused actions to make a quantum leap in your life and career.

You’ll learn to set and achieve meaningful goals, unleash your full potential, and create sustainable habits supporting your success and well-being.

Don’t miss this transformative opportunity to take those necessary actions, bring your life and career to the next level, and achieve greater happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity!
Additional Book Titles
The Breakthrough Formula, Success on Autopilot, The Art of Big Goals, Inquire Within
Author bio
Mykola Latansky ( is a genialist and creator of the Genialism™ teaching, the Genius Inside You™ project, the School of Inquiring™, and MetaGame™.

Mykola is President and Founder of the Academy of True Success—a training company headquartered in the United Kingdom and the United States—that, since 2007, has helped tens of thousands of people in more than 70 countries to unleash their inner genius and achieve ultimate success in life and business.

Mykola believes, “Everyone is born a genius, and our task in life is to reveal our genius and serve the world with it!”
Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, Mykola became the first Russian-speaking motivational speaker and #1 Success Coach for the former USSR countries, who built a thriving coaching practice and became a millionaire.

Mykola is a bestselling author, international speaker, trainer, and coach. At different times he was a member of the Global Speakers Federation, the USA National Speakers Association, the German Speakers Association, the US Million Dollar Speakers Group, and Maverick 1000—a club of millionaire entrepreneurs.

Mykola is the bestselling author of 50 Secrets of Genius Success and The Breakthrough Formula. He is a globe-trotter who’s visited over 80 countries on five continents and spoken live in 33 countries.

Mykola’s students in more than 70 countries worldwide unanimously say, “Thanks to Mykola, faith in oneself returns; one wants to live, create, and succeed greatly!”

His clients—from university students to multi-millionaire entrepreneurs—choose to work with him because of his global thinking and the citizen-of-the-world mindset that delivers solutions to the most difficult problems and challenges.
Mykola holds a master’s degree with honors from the National Technical University of Ukraine. He has invested over $850,000 in his education and studied mechanical engineering and artificial intelligence, psychology and coaching, marketing and business administration, languages, and religions in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, Israel, and other countries. Currently, he studies philosophy at Oxford University.

Mykola is an angel investor in Silicon Valley and has helped dozens of people to become multi-millionaires and thousands more to become financially free.

He holds three records from the Ukrainian Book of Records: as a trainer who conducted the largest training in the country and as a trainer with the broadest geography of activity—101 cities in Ukraine.

Mykola lost 80 lbs. of excess weight, became an athlete-swimmer at 44, and swam 4 miles (6.5 km) across the Bosphorus Strait ten months later.

Television host and author of bestseller books. Fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, German, and English, learning Arabic and Turkish.

You can find more about Mykola Latansky on his website:
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Human Genius and True Success
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"Everyone is born a Genius,"—Mykola Latansky

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