Steve Benkin
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Religion? Been There. Done That. (Discovering the map of your spiritual journey!)
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The book is called “Religion? Been there. Done that. Discovering the map of your spiritual journey!”

It is targeted for people who have given up on religion, but not their spiritual growth. It discusses the ever growing “spiritual but not religious” movement, the role of religion in our journey, and lays out a systematic approach to one’s spiritual progression. By understanding these concepts, people can gain powerful insights that will help them on their journey.
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Steve Benkin has spent over thirty years exploring all the religions of the world through study and worship, embraced dozens of different Christian denominations (teaching in many of them), participated in a Jewish, Christian and Muslim peace mission trip to Turkey, and was trained in four seminaries. He loves to tell puns, plays the guitar, and currently lives in Durham, NC.
Professional Speaker Topics
The state of religion in America - the rise of the spiritual but not religious movement
Religious tolerance
Racism in America - its roots and elimination in socieity
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we are all spiritual beings trapped in a human experience

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