Kathy Pappas Angelos
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Twin Destinies - The True Story of the Pappas Twins, 1950s Teen Radio Starts and Broadcasters in the Classic Hits Era
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Biography/Family Memoir
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Fresno CA USA
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Kathy Pappas Angelos is a business writer turned author. Her career as a creative professional has included writing and editing content for online and print publications. A native Central Californian, she was on-air talent for the family’s radio station as “KGEN’s Kathy” at the age of three. Kathy lives with her husband and family in Central California. Learn more about Kathy at her website: KathyPappasAngelos.com.
Professional Speaker Topics
I am proud to share Pete and Mike’s story because it is the story of America. They were the sons of poor Greek immigrants who came to this country from Greece to make a better life for themselves and their children. They worked hard and inspired their children to do the same and pursue the American dream of success. Pete and Mike never listened to anyone’s predictions of failure or accepted that they couldn’t make their dreams come true. “I can’t do it” or “It can’t be done” weren’t phrases Pete and Mike ever used.

Sharing the story of Twin Destinies will hopefully inspire everyone to achieve their own personal success.

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