Patrizia Cohen
Most Recent Book Title
Guida Barman
Book Description
A very update and exhaustive guide to help people to enter upon a new carrer.
Italian version.
Location (city/state/country)
Manchester, UK
Author bio
Patrizia Cohen was born in Italy. She used to live in New York, USA, and now she is living in Manchester, UK. Graduated in Philosophy in Italy and in Hypnosis, Personal Lifestyle Consultant, and Management Information Systems, in the US, she also earned the certificates in English Writing Skills and Writing For The Web. Mrs. Cohen is an articles and web content writer working at Based on her educational and cultural background, her favorite writing subjects are related to Health, Psychology and Beauty, but as an avid traveler, she loves to write about travel and different cultures too. Mrs. Cohen is a member of the writing site Scribophile, the Freelance Union, the nonfiction association NFAA, and the APPA.

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