Jake Bussolini
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The Last Chapter
Book Description
This book reveals details never before published about the final days of the Grumman Company. The author was the point executive for merger negotiations which turned into a hostile takeover of Grumman by The Northrop Company. The book highlights many of the political activities that caused a Fortune 100 company to loose its major programs and suggests that unauthorized activities by a well know investment Bank turn the merger into a competitive auction.
Additional Book Titles
Jake's Take on the Lake
Beneath The Surface
Freshwater Fighters
The Catfish Hunters
Jake's Fishing Facts
The Complete Angler
Location (city/state/country)
Mooresville, MC.
Author bio
Author is a retired executive who spent 35 years in the Aerospace industry. he retired as the Senior Vice President of The Grumman Company. In his career he receieved many notable awards including being named in several versions of Engineers of Distinction and also Janes "Who's Who in Aviation"
Professional Speaker Topics
Regular lectures at Gander Mountain sporting goods store where he lectures on subjects dealing with fresh water fishing.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

People who accept loosing as a regular basis will eventually become losers in life.

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