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Speaking, coaching, training
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Artificial Intelligence: What AI Is and How You Can Use It to Make Your Life Easier: A Guide to AI for Beginners
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Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence and revolutionize your life with "Artificial Intelligence: What AI Is and How You Can Use It to Make Your Life Easier: A Guide to AI for Beginners." This captivating and informative book is tailored for individuals seeking to explore the limitless possibilities of AI, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience.
Delve into the world of AI through a concise, easy-to-read format that effortlessly demystifies complex concepts. Discover how AI influences your daily life, tackles global challenges, raises ethical concerns, and transforms job opportunities. With AI becoming increasingly prevalent, it's crucial for everyone to embrace this transformative technology and understand its profound impact.
Embark on an interactive journey as you navigate the chapters. If you're a complete novice, the chapter titled "Using ChatGPT for Articles, Reports, Poems, and Books" serves as your entry point, guiding you through your first interaction with a chatbot, step by step. Already familiar with chatbots? This book will take you beyond simple text-based interactions, introducing you to AI's captivating features, including poetry, music, and images.
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Consultant - Author - Journalist - Speaker - Financial Historian
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Artificial Intelligence
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