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Review and Editing - Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation
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What's Behind Your Brand: A Style Guide for Humanizing Your Content
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This book is intended for anyone who designs, writes, publishes, or selects content for humans.

What’s Behind Your Brand? provides a unique perspective on how word choice and images can bring people in—or shut them out—of your brand’s message.Dr. Jen O’Ryan dives into the nuance of writing, publishing, and designing content in which your audience is genuinely reflected. She outlines ways to incorporate the human experience and remove barriers that detract from your message.

Through humor, heartfelt anecdotes, and a deep understanding of human behavior, Jen breaks down the “why” behind the “how” and provides examples for practical application. The result is a guide on peeling back your brand and moving content from optimized to humanized.

What’s Behind Your Brand? explores:
- Patterns across images and language (absences, bias, inequities, appropriation, stereotypes)
- Unexpected places where bias and other barriers can hide
- Common issues, alternatives, and how to avoid them in the first place
- Strategies for navigating change, within your organization and within yourself
Additional Book Titles
Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for "Accidental" Diversity Experts
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Seattle, Washington
Author bio
Dr. Jen O’Ryan has been humanizing content, processes, and organizations since 2003.

As a consultant and strategist specializing in Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation, Jen works with organizations of all sizes to remove barriers. She combines a PhD in Human Behavior with over 25 years of experience leading organizational change. Her background in the tech industry includes designing new experiences for customers, launching global initiatives, and making order out of chaos.

After an extensive career of instigating change at Fortune 100 companies and a few small-but-mighty startups, Jen created Double Tall Consulting. This new company would fill a gap faced by many organizations – how to get their Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation initiatives from “good intentions” to effective, measurable, meaningful results.

Now Jen works to develop content, brands, and user experiences that are welcoming across a broader audience. While meeting people where they are and bringing them along on the journey.

Jen frequently speaks at conferences, events, and podcasts related to building inclusive organizations, navigating resistance, and why humans suck at change. She is also the author of “Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for ‘Accidental’ Diversity Experts.” Designed for anyone thinking about Inclusion and Diversity, IAF outlines a roadmap to influence and lead others through culture change.

Outside of work, Jen is a travel enthusiast and avid runner. She also has a strange affinity for bad 80’s music, getting lost in new cities, and scary movies.
Professional Speaker Topics
Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation; leading organizational change; human behavior; organizational behavior; organizational health; workplace culture
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