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The Excesses of the Church- A wake up call
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A lot goes on on in Church that is way out of the norm today. As a result of the things that are done in our pulpits and life styles, there are major deviations from the things that were commanded to us by the LORD. Right now men and women in the honourable vocation church are in a leprous situation. However, they are unwilling to shout that they need time to deal with their leprous sores. A review of historical matter makes anyone wonder why we go on to hide that leprous state in clerical regalia.Further one wonders why the church through out the ages participated in the things that they should have condemned and not done. The Excesses f the Church are a wake up call to the things that need to be realigned if we are to achieve the mandate of the Church of Jesus Christ.
Author bio
Walter Senah is a bi vocational minister. He has an MBA and also has theological training from Logos Graduate School.Florida .USA.
Walter lives in Harare. Zimbabwe with his wife, two sons and a daughter.Right now walter is working on a motivational topic likely to be published at the end of the year.
Professional Speaker Topics
Motivation and other theological state of the church
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In our age, the world can be more beautiful if we do not to deny it of our goodness. walter senah

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