Carla Green
Services Offered
Cover Design, Interior Layout, Ebook Formatting, Publishing Guidance
Most Recent Book Title
The Anatomy of a Book: 20 Industry Experts Share What Aspiring Authors Need to Know About Writing, Publishing & Book Marketing
Book Description
Do you know where to begin writing your book?

Learn from twenty leading industry experts about writing, publishing, and book marketing, to simplify what can be a complicated and overwhelming process. This book lays it all out in easy-to-understand chapters so you have the tools for success. This is more than a manual for success. It’s a community. We've created a team to support you and your publishing goals.

You’ll love this detailed game plan for writing and publishing because once the steps are laid out, it’s a much easier journey to take and your life will change forever.
Location (city/state/country)
Los Angeles, CA
Author bio
Carla Green is your book's best friend.

She comes to the book design business through a long-fostered passion for the written word—precocious reader, insatiable bookworm, school newspaper editor, and an early career in marketing. Then came graphic design work and a dream gig creating books for an entertainment industry publisher. She found her reason to get up every day.

Fast forward to now. Still lovin’ what she does, whether she's giving shape to an aspiring author’s first book or meticulously grooming the pages of a seasoned publisher’s next release. Add it up and that’s a wealth of experience at your disposal.

Beyond the books, she is barefoot more often than not, rarely meets an ice cream flavor she doesn’t like, and loves planning vacations almost as much as taking them.

If you like her story, contact her to talk about yours.
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