Daniele Luciano Moskal
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Getting ahead in the Job Market
Book Description
This book’s objectives are:
1. To enable you to identify key areas of development, which will include: building confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem
2. To enable you to devise key steps to achieve your desired goals.
3. To enable you to develop your communication skills when writing a good CV or a good covering letter (application form), and preparing for interviews.

This book has been specifically written and designed for you the school-leaver; the graduate; the unemployed person; the person who has just been released from prison or the mature older person who thinks they can never get a good job.

Foreword kindly written by Theresa Mary Comisky of 'Employment Angels C.I.C (UK)'
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Location (city/state/country)
Varese Region/ITALY
Author bio
Born in Supino, Italy, Daniele Luciano Moskal is the Founder of "Unique Writing Publications", a Christian publishing ministry that helps unique writers of eternal value get their book in print.

Daniele holds a B.A degree in Combined Studies (Writing & Publishing, Media Studies, and Religious Studies). He also attended Oak Hill Theological/Bible College in Southgate, London, England.

Affectionately known as the "penofareadywriter", Daniele is the prolific author of over 35 books (non-fiction, fiction, and children's books) and the 'ghost writer' of many other titles all in print.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

“Your life is a story. Each day you get to write a new page. So try to fill those pages with responsibility to God first, to others, and to yourself. If you do, in the end you will not be disappointed!” (Daniele Luciano Moskal)

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