The Overtone Effect
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The Overtone Effect - Live Your LIfe on a High Note!
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“Jan Carley’s engaging book is filled with actionable advice on how to thrive in a fast-changing world. The “generative” approach she suggests will spur your creativity and curiosity – and help you become the person you want to be.” –Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach, business educator and New York Times-bestselling author, ranked the number one leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50

When a singer or chorus achieves precisely the right tuning in the notes they sing, the intricate balance of sound frequencies creates OVERTONES - extra notes that, while heard, are not actually being sung. Using the phenomenon of overtones as a metaphor for creating results that go well beyond what you ever thought possible, this book will guide you to hit the high notes in your life or business.

The results? Increased joy, flow, effectiveness, and extraordinary success. That's the OVERTONE EFFECT!

In THE OVERTONE EFFECT, you'll follow an easy, focused system to take your personal or organizational performance from predicatable to remarkable.
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Harmony from the Inside Out - Creating and Maximizing Your Performance Potential
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Vancouver, BC CANADA
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A professional certified executive coach, credentialed with the International Coach Federation, Jan Carley brings over 25 years of experience in the professional performing arts to her coaching approach. She has enjoyed worldwide renown by coaching individuals, leaders and teams to new levels of alignment and competitive success through her signature "overtone system".

Known also as the “Inner Coach of Barbershop.” Jan has worked extensively with musical groups and directors to open up their possibilities and maximize their performance potential by leveraging their “inside edge.” She has been singing barbershop harmony and competing in an Internationally renowned 120-voiced a cappella chorus since 1994.

Jan lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and is available for individual coaching, group coaching, workshops and speaking engagements worldwide.

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