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The Jetstream of Success
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Each one of us has the capacity to become an Intellectual Maverick. We should be exhibiting qualities in life that are unique and dynamic. Achieving success is determined by our propensity for innovation. We need to become revolutionaries of modern thinking and pacesetters in the art of creating cultures of change. The result employs your forward thinking genius. An Intellectual Maverick builds bridges over hurdles, bulldozes obstacles and never settles for the confines of convention.

Success is our capacity to turn our challenges into circuits - taking bends with speed, skill and determination to head up every race to achieve. Life requires us to develop the finesse of artists, the genius of meticulous minds and the attitude of rock stars.

Welcome to The Jetstream of Success book where legends create history every day. The book offers you the framework to become a student of your history, to redefine yourself and as a result, the future, so that you can aspire and quantify your results to success. The Jetstream of Success will school you in a vast range of awareness and frame very strong criteria to measure your intellectual processes against; allowing you to reinvent yourself more conducive to your successes.
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Julian Pencilliah displayed a savvy attitude for business acumen from a very early age. He was very intrigued by the concepts of probability amplitudes, the economic principle and global market sectors.
Julian was hugely influenced by his role models, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. He also found himself engaged in the subjects of the wisdom of the ancient gurus and high seers. After a decade of living through life’s experiences he discovered that we are all our own greatest enemies.
The collective acumen of the knowledge and experience gained molded his principles of focus, which was to attain maximum return on investment in his spheres of interest
He established his business framework and intellectual processes within the South African business arena and has since been visionary in identifying highly profitable investments and other opportunities on a global scale.
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It’s been said that legends are those who shape change into greatness; shaping change is one of the hallmarks of genius. Whether you have encountered him through business ventures or his books, Julian seemingly awakens the critical wisdom to intrinsically influence the future.
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Success is a place in time - so don't be late!

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