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Publish Like the Pros: A Brief Guide to Quality Self-Publishing
Book Description
"Publish Like the Pros: A Brief Guide to Quality Self-
Publishing" is a must-read for new authors who want
to get it right when self-publishing their books. Self-publishing
is a perplexing and ever-shifting landscape;
it’s easy for new authors to get taken in by self-publishing
companies that promise the moon but don’t
deliver. In just 88 pages, "Publish Like the Pros" takes the
confusion out of self-publishing and gives authors the
six steps to publishing quality professional books that
don’t scream “I’m self-published!!” The self-publishing
author will find everything he or she needs to get
started, including cover design, book titles, typesetting,
editing and proofreading, and a special chapter on book
distribution, pricing and marketing.
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Phoenix, AZ USA
Author bio
Michele DeFilippo owns 1106 Design, a Phoenix-based
company that works with authors, publishers,
business pros, coaches, consultants, speakers . . . anyone
who wants a beautiful book, meticulously prepared to
industry standards.
Professional Speaker Topics
"How to Create a Great Cover and Page Layout"

Many self-publishers skimp on cover design and layout or design the cover and interior of their book themselves to save money, but this is a HUGE mistake, and I would argue, the number one reason that many self-publishers fail.

There's no question it's a lot of fun to "play around" with software and produce a book if you've never done it before, and it's tempting for you and your associates to judge your results "beautiful", but what will BUYERS think? When all is said and done, it's only THEIR opinion that matters.

I offer a PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates the stark difference between self-published and professionally designed books, so that authors can see for themselves why it's critical to save up until they can afford to produce a quality book that the market will accept.

The bottom line: Your book WILL be displayed next to bestselling titles that were professionally designed. How will it compete? Rushing to market with a homemade book can lead to bad reviews on Amazon that will halt sales faster than you can say, "what happened?" What will that cost you?
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

There is great misunderstanding about the amount of time and effort that goes into professional book cover and interior design. Apparently, artists have been vexed by this for a long time, as these two quotes illustrate:

Take great pains to make something look effortless.
--Michelangelo Buonarroti

“If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn't call it genius.”
--Michelangelo Buonarroti

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