Norm DeWitt
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Making it FASTER
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In motorsports there have been an endless series of performance advances where one wonders, how did they ever figure this out? Other times one asks, how did they not see this when the answer was there for all to see? These are the stories of discovery by 3 generations of racers and designers, who changed the state of the art forever. It is also the story of clever tricks and rule book interpretation to win the ever-escalating contest between rule makers and loophole seekers, told by those directly involved in Formula One, Le Mans, Indycar, IMSA, Moto GP, Trans-Am and NASCAR. Their innovations dazzled us all.
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Grand Prix Motorcycle Racers - The American Heroes
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San Diego, California, USA
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Norm DeWitt is a licensed Architect who has been fabricating and racing a variety of contraptions most of his life. From motocross bicycles to the Runoffs in GT3 cars, to sailboat racing, all of this eventually led to a career in motorsport journalism including writing about aviation and space exploration history, America's Cup racing, and Unlimited Hydroplane. The latest book, Making it FASTER, has been #1 on Amazon in Automotive Racing and Motor Sports (paperback) and #1 with the Kindle version in Automotive Engineering and Motor Sports.
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How do I make this thing go faster?

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