George Gipson
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Author, Speaker, Evangelist, and Revivalist
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The Chase
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Inspiring Memoir: From Federal Prison to the African Savannah, God Pursues Relentlessly

Embark on an extraordinary journey of redemption in George Gipson’s exciting new memoir, The Chase. Years ago, Gipson found himself in federal prison after a dark turn in his life. Through an unexpected meeting with a man sentenced to be executed by electric chair, Gipson’s motivation was sparked to set his life on the right path. Yearning for the first time in many years for a renewed relationship with God, he began to pray with fervor.

After many hours of Bible study, meditation, and heart-to-heart conversations with both God and himself, Gipson experienced a powerful vision. Filled with a deeper understanding of creation and of what it means to be part of the family of God, he began to realize the steps he would need to take to change his life. Later, when Gipson was travelling across Kenya, God would use a giraffe (which he had previously seen in his vision) to inspire Gipson to publish The Chase.

Like the national bestseller The Shack, Gipson’s book challenges readers to pursue a simpler yet deeper understanding of the triune godhead. This memoir invites readers to pursue the Holy Spirit and to experience transformation like never before. Gipson’s pilgrimage features miraculous signs, supernatural messages, and gut-wrenching conviction. In the middle of that, its message is clear: God never gives up on us—he will follow us to the ends of the Earth to reach us, and there is no limit to his faithfulness.

The story is a page-turner, and the abiding love of God is present amid its pages. Written for those who are questioning and considering the Christian faith, as well as for devout believers looking to connect with God in a new way, The Chase will inspire hope, trust, and spiritual revival in the hearts of its audience.
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Somerset, WI
Author bio
George Gipson was raised on a farm in Missouri, where he felt an early calling to ministry. He initially enlisted in the military, and upon completing his service, his life took a turn that eventually led him into federal custody. It was there that a series of encounters shaped him into the man he is today. Gipson has made significant contributions to the recovery and reentry fields through his leadership in the non-profit sector. He is a loving husband, father, and grandfather, and he hopes that The Chase will empower many to achieve the freedom and joy his life now holds.
Professional Speaker Topics
Religion, Holy Spirit, Empowerment and motivation, Eschatology and Last Days events, Evangelist, Pastor, Empowerment for Women in a Biblical model. Building Warriors as men.
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What you do with your time.....
Will determine your destiny!
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