Good to Great Grandparenting
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Good to Great Grandparenting
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Becoming the Best Grandparent you can be is a noble and worthy goal.

This Grandparenting book offers Grandparenting Tips, Activities for Grandparents and Grandkids as well as the benefits of Grandparenting. At the same time it doesn’t sidestep the challenges of Grandparenting in the 21st Century. Some of those challenges have to do with long distance Grandparenting, raising Grandchildren and even Grandparents and technology.
All of this will not only help you be a Good Grandparent but to help you become a Great Grandparent.

The starting point of this book is the consideration that “Life is complicated, Family life is a multiple of complicated and extended family life is exponentially complicated”. This was the idea behind my second book, “Your Grandparent Rights”. Since they are very scarce I instead offer you stories, techniques and ideas to weather the family storms that probably will arise when it comes to staying connected to your Grandchildren.

We will be Grandparents for about twice as long as we are parents. To be the best we can be there are many considerations. First and foremost it doesn’t work to be your Grandparents Grandparent in today’s world. Like it or not things have changed and this book is about how we can move from being a Good Grandparent to becoming a Great Grandparent.

Because of the demographic of baby boomers aging into Grandparenthood the time has come to learn what we need to know about Grandparenting in the 21st Century. I don’t ask you to like it, I only want to make you aware of what is working or not working for other Grandparents. My WHY for all of this is to create Lasting Meaningful Connections between you and your Grandchildren. By doing so we will offer our Grandchildren the most Love and support possible as well as keeping some well intentioned Grandparents from being left at the station.

I am proud of you for wanting to become an even better Grandparent than you are now. Thank you for being a Caring Grandparent.
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Wilmington NC
Author bio

Grandpa Neil is a great, great grandpa as well as a lifelong youth advocate. Neil is a published author, this is his third book on Grandparenting.
He is a retired Youth Minister, the creator of the and websites.
Neil awakes each morning brimming with energy and enthusiasm. He feels it is his mission to connect with as many people as is possible while he spreads that joy to everyone he meets. (He calls it channeling Mr. Rogers.)
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"How much do you want to pay to be right"?

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