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developmental and substantive editing | author coaching | book proposal reviews and coaching
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Boise, Idaho
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Cristen Iris is an award-winning developmental editor, author coach, and former ghostwriter with 10 years of first-hand experience working in the highly competitive book publishing industry. She has worked for traditional and hybrid publishers of fiction and nonfiction and alongside literary agents as a developmental and substantive editor, book proposal consultant, ghostwriter, and talent scout.

Cristen values autonomy within community and believes that writing and editing are a way of life, the constant creation and refinement of thought and action that leads to our highest level of contribution.

This belief; her education in the field of anthropology; her lived experience as an autistic-ADHD business owner working with authors and aspiring authors who have a variety of thinking- and work-styles, constraints, abilities, and impairments led her to develop the My Zone of Competence concept and The My Zone of Competence Approach to writing, publishing, and marketing high-impact, commercially viable nonfiction books.

Cristen specializes in collaborating with subject-matter experts and memoirists who respect their readers, the craft of writing, and the business of books. She is fascinated by people who are themselves fascinated with what they do.

Her nonfiction client list includes university professors and researchers, medical doctors, mental health professionals, attorneys, entrepreneurs, consultants, and social justice and animal rights advocates and activists.

Cristen’s clients have contracts with Big 5, academic, and respected traditional model independent publishers. Some have found satisfaction and success within the hybrid-publishing model or as self-published authors.

Her clients have earned more than 60 book and writing awards. Their bestseller rankings include New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and Amazon Charts. Several clients’ books consistently rank between #3 and 100 in one or more of their Amazon sales categories. National media coverage includes the TODAY Show’s Read with Jenna, Parade Magazine, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Variety, and New York Post. To date, their books have been translated into more than a dozen languages.
Professional Speaker Topics
▫ The 7 Core Nonfiction Author Competencies: What It Takes to Write, Publish, and Market Commercially Viable Books without Burning Out
▫ Is It Writer's Block? Is It Burnout? Or Is It Something Else?
▫ How to Write a Commercially Viable Academic-Trade Crossover by Understanding the Reader's Journey
▫ Nonfiction Author Platform Building & Awareness Campaign Basics
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

I believe that writing and editing are a way of life, the constant creation and refinement of thought and action that leads to our highest level of contribution. --me

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