Jill Thistle
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Mommy Muscles
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Mommy Muscles is for every woman who wants to improve herself and change her life forever. This book will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle by focusing on three factors: working out, eating healthy and keeping a positive outlook. Mommy Muscles offers practical advice to help you find your motivation to meet the demands of a busy life while balancing your health and achieving your fitness goals. You’ll find workout plans, recipes, and tips for being healthy every day, including on vacation and during the holidays. It is your time to lead a life where you are physically and mentally strong, happy and fulfilled.
Location (city/state/country)
Paramus, NJ USA
Author bio
Jill Thistle is a group exercise instructor certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She holds certifications for Dance it Out (DIO®) Pop Pilates and Personal Nutrition. Jill is an avid weight lifter and enjoys high intensity interval training. She loves teaching many different types of fitness classes and working with students of all levels. She has an English Education degree and has worked in a special education high school for over 17 years while managing an English as a Second Language tutoring business. Writing this book has been a dream and it is "another chapter" towards reaching out to women and motivating them to lead healthy lives.
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Don't stop when you're tired... stop when you're done.

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