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We live in an age of information. Which is great—if we can find what we want. Search engines are amazing but too often give us more “hits” then a person can possible review. As a mechanism by which to logically organize information so that a reader may access it, indexing is becoming even more vital to today’s information industry. This holds true regardless of the delivery method whether it be a pBook, eBook, periodical, website, etc. As an author, packager, or publisher you need to be able to stand out in the very crowded world of words. Making your words accessible through a good index is a vital step in this process.
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San Diego, CA USA
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Professional back-of-the-book indexer.
Graduate of the UC Berkeley Indexing course.
Member of the American Society for Indexing (ASI). So. Cal. chapter president.
Owner of Under the Oaks Indexing.

"Helping Your Ideas Grow"
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Basic indexing practices.
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Helping Your Ideas Grow

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