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Really Inside Mormonism: Confessions of a Mere Latter-day Christian
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Can a Mormon be a Christian? How does that work?

That’s the idea behind this personal book by Robert Starling, a lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who grew up in the heart of the Bible Belt. Some folks there (and elsewhere) believe Mormons are members of a non-Christian “cult”. The purpose of the book is to give his reasons to dispel that belief.

As a child of converts to Mormonism and a man whose uncle is a retired Methodist pastor, Robert has a unique perspective to share with Mormons and non-Mormons alike. He attended a Baptist vacation Bible school as a child and his best friend in college at Georgia Tech was the president of the Catholic student Newman Club.

Having resided in Utah for twenty years where he worked as a media producer for the LDS Church at its worldwide headquarters, Robert has lived “really inside Mormonism” for decades.

While Robert is not an official spokesman for the LDS Church, he has been active in defending his faith from critics (he's been sued unsuccessfully twice by anti-Mormons, once for $3 million and once for $27 million). He enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone interested in learning what Mormons really believe. For instance:

Do Mormons believe in a “different” Jesus?
What do Mormons believe about the Trinity?
How are Mormons “saved”?
Do Mormons baptize dead people?
Is there only “one true church”?
What happens in Mormon temples?
Do Mormons wear “magic underwear”?
Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?
Is the Bible God’s word for Mormons?
Do Mormons want to become like God?

What kind of “confessions” does Robert make?
Whether you’re a Mormon or not, you’ll be surprised.
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Salt Lake City, Utah
Author bio
ROBERT STARLING BIO INFORMATION (Writing and Producing for film and television)

1. I've spent many years in the television broadcast industry, writing, producing and directing news stories, documentaries, and public affairs programs on a multitude of topics. Many of these were controversial and required research, interviews, and contacts with various government officials and community leaders. I once interviewed a governor of Georgia who later became President of the United States. I wrote and produced over 150 weekly programs for the Alabama Public Television Network.

2. At the Northrop (now Northrop Grumman) aerospace company I spent almost ten years writing and producing video and multimedia projects which often directly influenced both public opinion and Congressional funding for a multi﷓billion dollar aerospace defense program. This effort required research into controversial issues and interviews with high﷓level corporate and government officials, and consultation with upper management on media strategies, etc.

3. I spent almost ten years as a writer﷓producer﷓director on the staff at the worldwide headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter﷓day Saints. I worked closely with the Public Affairs Department in determining media strategies and developing media materials to improve the public image of the twelve million﷓member LDS Church. I also worked with focus groups in various cities to determine public attitudes about the LDS Church, and developed plans to influence those attitudes in a positive way.

4. As a volunteer Public Affairs Specialist for the LDS Church I've trained church leaders throughout southern California on how to speak and conduct themselves in media interviews. I've written and produced radio and television programming to promote the image and activities of the church, and I've personally appeared on radio talk shows with individuals hostile to the church.

5. I have written and produced promotional materials for several independent motion picture companies and purchased various advertising media to promote their movies in markets all around the U.S. I was head of the Trailer Department at Schick Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc.
Although critics often derided the quality of Sunn’s movies, an article in the Hollywood Daily Variety magazine referred to my promotional campaigns for the films as “works of art”.

6. I spent two years with the NBC television network in Burbank, CA writing and producing media materials and helping to shape strategies to promote that network's programs with the public. During that time NBC went from the ratings cellar to the #1 network.

7. As a freelance writer and producer I've worked with such groups as the Los Angeles United Way and the City of Downey, CA to promote their public images and advance their public affairs agendas. I wrote scripts for informational videos on a multitude of topics, from dental implants to stomach stapling to desktop robotics to innovative computer software products.

8. I've served many years as a volunteer leader in the Boy Scouts of America, and I've written media materials in support of that organization's programs and activities.
Professional Speaker Topics
Mormonism and other flavors of Christianity
Morality and the Arts
Motion Picture and TV production
The Shroud of Turin
Archaeology and the Book of Mormon
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

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