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The War of Matimony
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"Readers looking for a source of inspiration in the face of absolute will be drawn to the struggle. When Onyx gets married to Jake, she expects matrimony to be her happily ever after with a man she loves. This book shows the tragic side of a marriage in its most ugliest unapologetic forms." This story is about a woman named Onyx who blindly went into marriage with a man named Jake, an only child who was suffering from abandonment. Onyx, along with her siblings, was raised by her mother and step-dad and suffered from abuse by her mother. She grew up with low self-esteem, but she met her prince charming, who wined and dined her and treated her with class and gave her the respect she desperately needed.
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"Broken Wings" Written as an apeal for the necessity of motherly love, Broken Wings details the heart rending experience of a young black girl named Ebony who grew up in the projects near Los Angeles. While Ebony was as benevolent, native, and curious about life as any child, her character and faith were tested. All too often, Ebony as "Camille" rather than "Mother" is a bitter, hurtful, narrow-minded woman who suffered abuse as a child as well. Consequently, as an adult, Cammille gets pregnant to difference men, but has difficulty with the role of a mother, Ebony, the oldest, has two sisters and two brothers, most of whom arrived unexpedtedly before her supposed father Thompson joined their household. Through high school and into adulthood, Ebony continues to suffer daily from low self-esteem and lack of family bonding, which revents her from ging to college. Even at Camille's death, Ebony has difficulty forgiving and grieving. As a result; as a manifestation of her guilt and pain, she finds herself suffering from breast cancer at age forty-eight. She recognizes what she must do in order for God to forgive and heal her. Through Broken Wings, the tharapautic, autobiographical account, Annie Clayton reveals she has learned about finally stopping the past violence and hate.
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I am seventy three years of age, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the oldest of four siblilngs. I went to Fremont High School, graduated and attended LA City College and let obstacles get in the way of my learning abilities from family and so called friends. co-workers, and some people I didn't know. I wanted to be well educated to take care of myself and to be knowedgeable of what life and the world was about. At twenty-three years of age, I was married and had two children. I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom, and take care of my children, but I had work. I was in my middle thirties when we moved into our home in the suburban area. I was working for the State Department and my husband worked for a Construction Company. My husband was a verbal abuser and was controlling. I wanted to go back to school, and eventualy own a Nursery school, but didn't trust my husband. My son had a hard time coping in school and my daughter graduated from a Catholic school. I learned to stand my grounds and protect my kids. When my husband learned of my disfuntional family, he disrespected me to no end. When I was in my late forties, I discovered my dad was not my biological dad, and that shut me down for a time, my mother and step dad, made sure the other siblings know I wasn't related to him, and spoke negative words about me. My husband grand babies were living on fifth street and on the camp grounds and ate food at the Willie Jordan organization. We took the kids into our home and I raised them and another baby was born while they were on drugs and we were award with a two days old baby. My husband begin to abuse the kids, and I took his dad in because he couldn't live alone, and my husband tried to abuse his dad, but I had to intervene. and had him placed in a nursing home. Two years later he passed away from pneumonia. I wrote the book "Broken Wings" to release the pain I endured. Twenty three years prior, my husband and I had brerast cancer. My husband had many demons and was suffering abandoment, depression, heart, and passed away at the age of sixty-seven from Alzheimer's and demenia. My daughter and I sent the grand daughter to College and she graduated and my three boys gave me a time of my life because their genes are from their parents and emulating my husband. I have written another book, "The War of Matrimony" to releast the pain and get on with my life, and help others. I am currently writing another book on my spare time.
Professional Speaker Topics
Learn to communicate with one another in the househole, abandoment, depression, drugs, Alzheimers, grandparents raising grandchildren, teens sneaking teen in their home while parents sleeping, having babies and want the elders to raise a third generation. We can't help who we came from, but we can help ourselves to help other who needs us in life for God sakes. We can be abandon in our home. Treat family members with respected. Don't bully each other. Every marriage has its problems, and sometimes we can over come, and if we can't, it's time to do something about if we can. When God intervene, it is grace in his eyes to give us peace.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

We are here on earth for a little while to be a doer in the eyes of the Lord.
We eat to live, not live to eat.
We can't help who we came from, It's what we do when we get here.
Family needs family, not outside families.
Thank God we can wake up to see another day

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