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The New Rules of Fitness Marketing: How to Attract Clients and Build a Successful Business Even If You Hate Selling
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You don’t have to use sleazy sales tactics to grow your successful fitness business. This book will show you how to focus your marketing efforts on developing relationships, connecting with current and prospective clients, building communities and partnering with others to create the fitness business that you want.

The New Rules of Fitness Marketing features interviews with 25 successful fitness professionals who are using a variety of marketing tactics to attract clients and build their fitness businesses.

Each of the 14 chapters is packed with innovative and actionable ideas. And because each deals with one marketing-related topic, you can flip around in search of new ideas and best practices in the areas that interest you most.

Although the standards are here, there’s also some you may not have thought about like podcasting, becoming a fitness brand ambassador, partnering beyond the usual health professionals and so much more!

You don’t have to use an idea exactly the way someone else did, either. That’s why most chapters begin with “Key Points” summary and end with “Make It Your Own” suggestions. Reading what others are doing can spark an idea on how to tailor it for your business and clients.

No matter what your business model, you will hear from someone you can relate to in this book.

There's super successful gym owners like Rick Daman, Scott Bisbee and Mark Ehnis.

There's fitness professionals tearing it up with online coaching such as Rog Lawson, JC Deen, Sirena Bernal and Nia Shanks.

And there's the lucky few who own a successful gym and are killing it online like Travis Stoetzel and Tony Gentilcore.

They, and the other awesome fitness professionals who contributed to this book, have shared their ideas, tips and lessons learned to help their peers build their own successful fitness businesses.
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Working on The Fitness Professional's Complete Guide to Online Coachng
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Washington DC, USA

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