Jaq D Hawkins
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Chaos Monkey
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This is a book of magic, but also a guidebook on how to survive the natural chaos which plagues those who choose the magical path...or more precisely are chosen by it. With a pinch of humour and a dash of irony, Ms. Hawkins offers us an alternate perspective of the perversities of magic we all know too well, personified as the Monkey, the trickster image which represents the convoluted landscape of life which the magical path leads us through. With some practical advice and basic spells designed to work within the very world of chaos wherein magic finds its direction, this book is a simple yet unequalled sourcebook for dealing with the unpredictability of magic in a multiverse of natural chaos, the realm of the Chaos Monkey.
Additional Book Titles
Understanding Chaos Magic
Spirits of the Earth
Spirits of the Air
Spirits of the Fire
Spirits of the Water
Spirits of the Aether
Women of Power: The Woman As Magus
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Jaq D Hawkins is a published writer with 9 books in publication in the Mind, Body and Spirit field published by Capall Bann Publishing as well as two Fantasy novels in print and E-book, Dance of the Goblins and Demoniac Dance, soon to be followed by the third book in the series, Power of the Dance.

Also recently released is her first Steampunk book, The Wake of the Dragon, an airship pirate adventure among the opium trade in an alternative history.

More titles in both fiction and Mind, Body, Spirit non-fiction will be forthcoming.
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Chaos magic
Nature spirits
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Don't quit until you win.

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