Peggy Harper Lee
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Spoiled: Fresh Ideas for Parenting Your Entitled Child--at Any Age!
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We live in the age of the Entitled Child. Many books have been written about entitlement and entitled children. This is not another one. Peggy Harper Lee's book "Spoiled", by contrast, is written for and about the parents of an entitled child. Whether you know you have an entitled child and want to change your relationship, wondering if you have an entitled child and want to learn the signs so you can be sure, or you've been warned that your child is in danger of becoming an entitled child, this book is for you! Throughout this journey of the entitled child, Lee examines what an entitled child looks, sounds and acts like at every stage from infant to adult. She explores the strategies that you as a parent can use to effectively build a new relationship with your entitled child.
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Sacramento, CA
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Peggy Harper Lee is a mother of four, ages four to 29, with a 30 year career in the financial services industry. She has experience in the boardroom, the corner office, working with individual clients, and at home helping others to understand the keys to success that start with personal leadership. Lee inspires audiences to recognize the entitlement mindset that exists in everyone, when spoiled serves us, and how to use it to be truly happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise. Lee is the author of "Spoiled: Fresh Ideas for Parenting Your Entitled Child--at Any Age!" and numerous articles on how our entitlement culture has impacted personal and business success. She is a member of the Elite Speaker's Group, and consults with parents and business leaders to empower them to become extraordinary mentors and powerful teachers. She earned a BA in Business management from St. Mary's College of California, is an active community volunteer, and serves on the board for Junior Achievement of Sacramento.
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Spoils of Success (Inspirational), Working with Generation "Me": How to Attract, Recruit & Develop Successfully in the Entitlement Era, and Motivate!: The False Promises and What You Really Need
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Self-esteem cannot be given, it has to be earned by practicing principals of self-control and personal leadership. --Peggy Harper Lee

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