R. L. Lansverk

Author Name: R. L. Lansverk
Most Recent Book Title: Neihart Mining
Book Description: An historical look at the “town that could have been the silver king of Montana,” during her formative years, 1880s through the silver crash of 1893.
Website #1: Publishers Site
Location (city/state/country): Neihart, MT
Author bio: Author R.L. Lansverk invites you to visit his part-time home and share what it was like walking through muddy, snow-covered, or windblown dusty streets to continue that route from silver mine to silver dollar. Join him as he shares seldom-viewed historical photographs from the History Museum of Great Falls and Cascade County and the photograph archives of Montana Historical Society, along with pioneer family photographs that attest the tough but wonderful route to silver.

Lansverk lives 6 months in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul area of MN, and 6 months in Neihart, MT.