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Online Dating: So Many Tools in the Internet Shed
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After learning her boyfriend lied about almost every aspect of his life, Erica thought she would give online dating a try. She thought it would be a great way to select men to date based on their honest profiles (heh) and to weed out the men who weren't serious. What she didn't realize was that a majority of the guys she encountered were not only undateable, she would have material for a blog and then this book.

Erica spent over two years wading in the Internet dating fish pond only to find...not what she was expecting. The book is based on her blog that details unromantic dates, silly messages and poor manners aplenty! Read true stories of her experiences, including outright recognition, and read her own profile and judge for yourself: Was online dating right for her? It's an acerbic take on a personal jump into the waters. Required reading for those considering online dating.
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Sacramento, CA USA
Author bio
Erica von Rath is a Sacramento native who earned her degree in Mass Communication and Criminal Justice from California State University, Sacramento. She toured with Cirque du Soleil, worked inside a famous prison, helped regulate the death care industry, and most recently graduated from beauty school. She appeared on Win Ben Stein’s Money and Lingo with Chuck Woolery and was a victim on the hidden camera television show Foul Play. She’s also an advocate for two cancer-related charities in honor of her mother. She’s a licensed cosmetologist working on her next writing project. She doesn’t miss the smell of prison in the morning.
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Online dating; New careers.

My memoir about leaving an awful job to attend beauty school as a more mature student will be out in July be a series of three.
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Never be afraid to break your own heart.

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