Tim Herrera
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What the Online Student MUST Know
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Every year, more and more people are taking the plunge into the online classroom environment. Studies show that millions of people are steering away from the conventional classroom environment in favor of one on the Internet. Most people want that elusive college degree to help them advance in the workplace. Others are hungry for professional development training.

What the Online Student MUST Know: Vital Lessons Before Logging On is an e-book that will help new students starting out in the online classroom find answers to their many questions about distance learning.
Additional Book Titles
30 Things You Should Know About Media Relations (1 & 2) 2008/2011
Dad, You Are NOT Going Out Wearing That (2006)
From Wedgies to Feeding Frenzies (2004)
Where the Dust Never Settles (2002)
I'm Their Dad, Not Their Babysitter! (2000)
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Tim Herrera is an author who has done just about everything a person can do in media: newspaper columnist, television news reporter, radio reporter and anchor, TV news anchor, free -lance writer, talk show host, adjunct college instructor and Communications Director. He is the author of seven books and hundreds of newspaper columns and free lance magazine articles. Tim is also a seasoned communications specialist with extensive expertise in media relations. His work has been honored by the Northern California Publishers & Authors, National School Public Relations Association and the California School Public Relations Association.

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