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Make New Friends Live Longer
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A guide for seniors and boomers to become proactive in making new friends.
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You and Your Grandchildren: Special Ways To Keep In Touch
Mingled Roots: A Guide for Grandparents of Interfaith Grandchildren
Ready or Not Here I Come: How to Choose Your Best Retirement Community
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unie Levin

Sunie Levin, MEd. is a graduate of Missouri University and holds degrees in Psychology and Education. She is author of several highly successful grand parenting books. After losing many old friends and moving to a new community, Levin found herself faced with a problem facing nearly all boomers and seniors, how to make friends from scratch, particularly when nearly everyone is comfortable in their own tight circles. Her new book Make New Friends..Live Longer is a breezy, warm hearted guide to instruct seniors how to develop meaningful relationships whether you are active or home bound.
2012 National Indie Excellence finalist.
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Interfaith Grand parenting
Make new friends for Seniors and Boomers
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Age is simply a number.

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