Catherine Adams Lee
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Do Work Different
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The A to Z ANTIDOTE to business-as-usual: 26 different ways to do this thing called WORK. | What if you went to work tomorrow … and everything you knew about doing business in the 20th century no longer applied to the 21st? | What if you went to work tomorrow … and the places you work in, the hours you keep, the length of the work day, the way you travel to and from the job, how companies are structured, businesses are modeled and work is organized all needed to be different in order to continue to be successful? | What if you went to work tomorrow … happy, filled with wonderful ideas, dreaming up new solutions, confident in your value, knowing you could find support there, safe in everyone’s good intentions, invested in doing work that matters and enthusiastic about the future? | What if you went to work tomorrow … Not as part of the problem, but as part of the solution, with an A to Z Antidote to business-as-usual, having learned why you need to … Do Work Different
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Greater SF Bay Area, California, USA
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