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Formatting e-Books for Writers
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While you are writing your book, you think about how it’s going to be published. Many writers are now going directly to Kindle or other e-books. The first problem is how to format it easily without spending a deal of money. The second problem is how to format it without technical know-how. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can format your manuscript for e-publishing.

Susan K. Stewart is a writer, not a programmer. She has written, formatted, and published her own e-books. Formatting e-Books for Writers is written on practical experience and offers step-by-step instructions for taking your manuscript from a Word document to a published Kindle book. The content is based on classes Susan has taught for more than five years for writers and editors.

You will find steps to
* Format your manuscript while you are writing
* Create links and clickable table of contents
* Insert images
* Format your e-book for a good reader experience
* Avoid annoying errors
* Troubleshooting tips
* Dozens of resources
* Marketing tips

Formatting e-Books for Writers includes instructions for Windows and Mac iOS platforms. Chapters end with a checklist of tasks to Move Forward in formatting your e-book.
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Austin TX US
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Susan's writing career began with a neighborhood newspaper, drawn and written by hand. Her first published work was a poem in her elementary school "literary" booklet.

Since these humble beginnings, she has written for newspapers and magazines, including a regular column in The California Parent Educator. Her articles have also appeared in The Teaching Home, Tehachapi News, and Sacramento Bee, and she has contributed to several projects. With her husband Bob, Susan self-published Y2K in the City. Her most recent book is Science in the Kitchen. Susan also proofreads and edits for Christian Home Educators Press.

Since 1985, Susan has been bringing her realistic, yet encouraging messages to conferences, retreats, and small groups.

Susan’s trademark is inspiring practical solutions. She brings her experience and openness to each topic. Inspire your audience with Susan’s practical and encouraging presentations.
Professional Speaker Topics
Writing and Editing
Mental Illness
Family Readiness
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I serve God and others by offering real-world solutions based on my real-world experiences. I strive to be open, honest, and practical to inspire others to move forward.

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