Stevanne Auerbach

Stevanne Auerbach
Stevanne Auerbach
Dr Toy’s Smart Play Smart Toys
Useful, practical, innovative, evergreen guide to the selection and use of the best toys and games; Provides guidance for parents and teachers on how to increase the child’s “PQ” -“Play Quotient;” Covers suggested play and playthings from baby, toddler to older children, and children with special needs; Many play and toy resources plus “Play Pointers” included.
4th Edition published by Regent Press is now available.
Accessible also as an e-book in all formats
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Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., has for 40 years been one of the nation’s leading professional experts on children’s play and products. Her book, Dr. Toy’s Smart Play/Smart Toys: How to Raise a Child with a High PQ (Play Quotient); published in China, Croatia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and soon in Egypt, and other countries; provides parents with guidance on selecting the best products to match their child’s developmental needs and shows how to use products effectively to maximize the child’s “P.Q”. (Play Quotient).
Dr. Auerbach, author of 15 books and many dozens of articles about play, toys and important related issues for national and regional magazines and newspapers, has been featured as an expert in hundreds of articles by journalists, and is an effective guest on radio and television programs throughout the USA and elsewhere. Her unique, original and copyrighted “Dr. Toy’s Best Children’s Products” was featured first in Family Circle in 1986, in Parents Magazine in 1987, and in Early Childhood News in 1992/93
Dr. Auerbach earned her title, “Dr. Toy” starting with her first assignment with “Creative Playthings” in 1966. She gained respect as an expert resource to the media, trade magazines, government officials, industry personnel, professionals, and parents. She advocates for green awareness plus greater safety in toys, toy industry code of ethics, positive play, benefits of games, toys and parent involvement in play. Dr Auerbach founded and directed the San Francisco International Toy Museum in 1986, the country’s first interactive toy museum. More than 50,000 children from throughout the world visited and played at the museum from 1986 until 1989, when the Loma Prieta earthquake forced it to close.
Dr. Auerbach, an established speaker, consultant and author, is trained in child psychology, child development, education and special education. She studied with Dr. Glen Nimnicht, who introduced the first parent toy lending library. She has appeared on “The Today Show,” “The Donahue Show,” “Hour Magazine,” “CNN,” and “Good Morning Texas” on all networks throughout the country and in other countries. Features about Dr. Toy have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Sacramento Bee, Washington Post, Costco Communicator, SF Chronicle and many others.
Dr. Toy consults on product, packaging, consumer education, catalog inserts, toy safety, public relations issues, educational value of play, creativity and other topics. She is a frequent guest speaker to toy designers, parents, and teachers at seminars about children’s products. She has been a consultant to authors, students, teachers, inventors and researchers.
Dr. Toy, a native New Yorker, resides in Northern California, is married, and is a playful mother and grandmother.

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