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The Darker Side of Evil
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The Darker Side of Evil debunks the myth that all serial killers are white men. The truth is, many of the most prolific serial murderers in American history have been Black. The Darker Side of Evil sheds light on the little known exploits of 10 of these individuals and the innocent lives that they have taken. The media’s unwillingness to provide coverage of the Black serial murderer has done the Black community a great disservice. The lack of media coverage lulls Black communities into a state of complacency thereby permitting the Black serial killer the ability to operate in complete anonymity and hide in plain sight.
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I am a graduate of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale with a B.S. in Marketing. A product of the streets of Chicago, I am a staunch advocate for prison reform; therefore I contribute regularly to as the Chicago Prison Policy Examiner. My thoughts, visions and ideologies can be read at,, and . I’ve recently published my first true crime book, “The Darker Side of Evil,” which enlightens society to the existence and depravity of 10 African-American serial killers. My passion and dedication to the art of writing makes Andre N. Turner a name to look for in the world of literature.
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