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Irishman in Iraq
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This book is in the format of a "war diary" as the author transitions from being a retired Northern Ireland Police Officer, into the shadowy world of the Private Security Contractor, working in the post Iraq War reconstruction period. It lifts the veil on the day to day existence of a motley group of adventurers on the British side, charged with helping to train and shape the new Iraqi Police Service. Want to know how your tax dollars were spent? This will give you a glimpse of at least some of what went on. In the epilogue it explains how the process of writing the book took the author from the UK and on a life-changing move to live in the USA and become a US citizen.
Location (city/state/country)
Efland, NC.
Author bio
Paul R Graham grew up in Northern Ireland, with a brief spell as a child in Australia. He joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary three months after his 18th birthday, entering the Enniskillen training center in January 1977. He served for 28 challenging years both in uniform and as a detective, leaving the PSNI in June 2005. Later that year he travelled to Iraq as a Private Security Contractor. That adventure is the topic of this, his first book. He now resides in North Carolina and has become a US Citizen.
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Irish, UK, Military History.
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"If you don't ask, you don't get".

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