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AN E-BOOK OF An Investigative Application of Marketing Expansion Strategies into PPL Shipyard, Singapore
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This research project addresses the issues of marketing expansion strategy and its
effectiveness with regards to PPL Shipyard Pte Ltd, Singapore within the backdrop of the oil rig industry in Singapore. The project will focus on the expansion methods of globally expanding the company‟s products and services, namely the expansion of its offshore rig designing abilities, rig building capabilities and repair operations. The company was chosen for due to the author‟s affiliation with the company and that it is a well known establishment under its parent company, Sembawang Corporation, which is well known in Singapore for its purview of products and services in the shipping and engineering industry. The literature previews Singapore‟s oil rig industry and its global growth. The report will primarily focus on the strategic perspective of the marketing department with regards
to identify the marketing expansion strategiesusing the Ansoff matrix framework, being the most popular framework for marketing expansion, as well as other related strategies.
My research is based on quantitative analysis based on data collection. Summarised
statistical results of my secondary research has shown that marketing expansion had evolved in a dramatic way and has become a strategic notion for most companies in modern society, especially in the oil rig industry. Further analysis through the BCG group matrix and critical success factors of project expansion and tabulated data will provide further insights. Marketing in a global economy has had a major impact on the oil rigs industry, being one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. Marketing expansion had a particular impact on the business because it provides unique opportunities for growth and interaction between partners, suppliers and customers no matter how distant they may be. One of the major factor that led to increased growth in the oil rig industry is the growing number of companies and countries that are dependent on oil for survival and business.
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