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Weapons of Mass Construction, Unveiling Human Power One Thought @ a Time
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The book of “titles” to repeat to yourself when in need of mental support which unleashes the power of the subconscious……. you won’t need a drink, a pill, a smoke nor any extrinsic substance to combat depression, anxiety, anger, fear and other destructive thought patterns. You will only need to channel this system of thought….
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Michael Price is a motivator by nature, blogger, book and e-book author. He writes from experience and shares with the world some thought provocative topics to think on. His published book and e-book is Weapons of Mass Construction volume1 is being published by Tate Publishing. Michael Price blog at under the title of The power of constructive thought. His latest project journal away is in the pipeline to be published next year.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"The universe conspires in your favor." By Paulo Coelho

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